Democracy, Energy and Power

We all use energy, we all consume power and we all crave democracy. Working with Coop Energy, we will make the difference to your Utility bills and in your Community.

ecoHub.Energy is here to change the balance in all three elements of utility supply and consumption. We need to have local control of both generation and supply of heat and power. We also need democratic accountability for the common good within the Energy Industry. Local decision-making together with community based heat and power generation will give us the best chance to tip the balance of power in favour of the Consumer.

The vital issues are Consumers having sufficient information to make informed choices, including fully understanding how to make the most efficient use of energy within their home or working environment.

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Welcome to ecoHub Energy

We are working with Coop Energy to improve the balance of power within the Energy Market. It is time for us to work together by reducing needs for fossil fuels and improving sustainable and ethical Energy supplies.


We need to change the way Energy is produced and supplied to Customers. The history of Energy supply offers much to guide us to a better way of working. With the union of best available technology and respect for the people and our environment, we can make the change for the common good.

The introduction of heating and lighting to our homes and businesses began over 100 years ago. At this time all electricity and gas was produced locally, to meet demands, without any means of movement via Grid networks. The National Grid was set up to move produced energy towards the centres of high demand. The reliance on fossil fuels meant the Midlands and North produced most of the power and the South consumed a much higher proportion than generated locally. There aren’t too many coal fired Power Stations in London!

The balance of Power needs urgent change. The cost of heating and lighting is increasing and often affected by Global shocks, way beyond our control. Annual increases of up to 30% are not unusual and this is unlikely to change, unless we look at energy production and consumption with a long term, sustainable plan for improvements.

We need to return to resilient local generation of electricity and heating to reduce resource demands and better meet the needs of our Communities. We are working on sustainable biomass systems generating both Heat and Electrical power for deployment within both urban and rural locations.

The fuel can be sourced and prepared locally which reduces parasitic demands of transport, creates local employment and makes best use of much ‘end of life’ materials within our Communities.

Check out the Coop Energy price comparison site for further details.

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Free Energy Survey and Advice Service

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We are offering a FREE service to Businesses in Leek and Staffordshire Moorlands. This offer will include an assessment of existing consumption of electricity, gas and water utilities. We can negotiate, free of charge, the best available tariffs together with supply and installation of energy efficient LED lighting.

The costs of installing LED lighting can be funded through reduced consumption [costs] of electricity and financing of the equipment and labour over a specified timescale. The savings in electricity bills will be lessĀ than the monthly finance costs. This ensures a direct cost saving from day one, together with no need to find funds to purchase the LED lighting.

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