About ecoHub Energy

Power to the People – is a timely call to action for every Community to get involved in the democratic revolution of heating and power supply.

ecoHub.Energy is setting up in Leek, Staffordshire, to begin the process of change and inspire other Communities to get involved.

We are developing projects to take Leek off-Grid. Not big Power Stations and Industrial scale

Small scale installations can best meet local needs, avoiding huge and expensive power plants that seem to be the preference for the’Money people’. Community ownership is a key part of how we are different. We will bring sustainable employment, efficient use of local resources, optimised systems to each project and full collaboration with the people of Leek to change the balance of power in favour of the people.

This project is without borders. We can help organise your Community to become more sustainable, resilient by bringing democracy and equity back to the production and supply of heat and power.

E-mail ecohub.leek@gmail.com if you are interested in getting involved or to see if we can help organise a ecoHub project in your Community.


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